3rd World Conference on Education 2019

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3rd World Conference on Education 2019

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[3rd World Conference on Education 2019
The 3rd World Conference on Education 2019 (WCEDU 2019) will provide unique stage for researchers, doctors, professors, teachers, school principals, education officers and nursing and health care professionals to exchange the ideas and enhance knowledge and debate and showcase new education trends in the world and WCEDU 2019 will be a platform to discuss the limitations to develop effective education platform and new ways of overcome education barriers in the world. Al Madinah International University is one of partnership in this conference. Keynote Speaker 3 will be Prof. Dr. Hj. Wan Sulaiman Bin Wan Yusoff, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Al-Madinah International University.
for more information:
https://www.mediu.edu.my/3rd-world-conf ... -1D6zCDKDc

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